Top 7 Colleges for Biology in California

Looking for a Biology Degree? Check California!

California is a state well known for excellence in education. Of the colleges currently accepting students in the state, many are ranked among the top nationwide in academic, athletic or arts programs. This is certainly true of their sciences departments, drawing the attention of prospective students from across the nation and worldwide. Let’s look at some of the top choices in California for obtaining one of the more popular science degrees, a BS in biological sciences.

  • Stanford University

Offering a broad-based curriculum covering many aspects of biological science and boasting their own system of foundational biological concepts – known as Bio Core or Bio Foundations– Stanford earns the top spot among California students as their choice to pursue a major in biology.

  • California Institute of Technology

While many students would not consider a technological institute for biological sciences, the programs offered by Caltech are robust and rewarding. Many graduates from this school go on to work in the medical field or choose a career as a bioengineer.

  • University of Southern California

Offering a challenging and exciting set of programs – both standard and honors-based – for students interested in biological science, USC is a popular choice for Californians who hope to make big moves in the field of science, medicine, engineering and more.

  • University of California – Berkeley

A particularly good choice for those interested in the natural sciences, Berkeley offers programs that focus on molecular, nutritional, microbial and plant biology.

  • Pomona College

A smaller school with no less impressive programs, Pomona offers students a comprehensive scientific education while providing specialized focus on their area of interest.

  • University of California – Los Angeles

UCLA is well-known for offering a wide variety of scientific degrees. Biology majors will find great opportunities to investigate other sciences as they obtain their education.

  • Scripps College

With a focus on the natural and organic, Scripps gives students an unparalleled look at evolutionary science, microbiology and other important aspects of biological science.

Great Alternatives

While most students certainly aim high and hope for admission into one of the top schools in their state or nation, this isn’t always plausible. Whether it’s for familial or employment reasons or because of the cost of living or tuition to a certain university, some students must make a second or third choice in where to obtain their education. With some of the nation’s best schools for biological and health sciences, California is more than accommodating to these students. No matter where you secure your BS in biological sciences, you can rest assured that your degree will unlock the same doors to employment opportunities that it would if it came from any other university, and you just might find that you like your “back up” school more than the one you originally chose. No matter how much or how many times your path to success changes, California’s excellent schools are always ready to help you make your dreams come true!

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